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All services are discreet and supported by non disclosure agreements.

Sales Strategy

Planning, development, and implementation of a strategy that compliments not only your business, but attracts your potential clients

Sales Trainer

Bespoke sales training on all of the sales pillars delivered on or off site. Delivering to either new or seasoned sales teams.

Business Coach

Deep diving into businesses processes, and procedures. Implementing change where necessary.

Business Mentor

121 meetings on an ad hoc basis to keep you focused, and accountable

Public Speaker

I am available to speak on a variety of topics to a multitude of audiences.

Super Connector

Proud owner, and curator of a war-chest of trusted referral partners.

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Business Coach Lisburn

Ghost Consultancy started in my head in 2004. From that time to this I have trained, worked and studied to start Ghost. I can offer proper practical advice, mentorship, and support to my clients. Ghost is an all-encompassing service, where I get up to my elbows in your business in order to help you improve. The one thing that all of my clients have in common, is the want to be better. I love seeing people and businesses working to their full potential. I will give you the tools to achieve this, and then leave.

Business Consultant Lisburn - Brendan Murphy


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