Welcome to the online form for Disruption. Disruption is a 10 week Training Course which I will be holding in Lisburn soon. The form is to register your interest in participating in Disruption. Each week, for 10 weeks, we will be focusing on a different area of your business processes, selling, and growth strategies. We will be covering

Ø Sales and Selling

Ø Where you are getting your business from

Ø Exploiting your Vertical Markets

Ø Online Marketing of your business

Ø Business Growth

Ø Handling Objections/Rejections

Ø After Sales

Ø Pipeline Management

And much more. Each participant will also get weekly 121 coaching on their business goals and growth. The spaces will be limited to 10 participants per course, and will be limited to one participant per industry. Register your interest using the form, and I will be in touch soon. Now is the time to act.

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