Ghost Stories / Branding with icon brand pioneers

The reasons behind me deciding to host Ghost Stories at Cubic CoWork, Lisburn are many.

Primarily though, I wanted to have a space where anyone could come and ask questions. I wanted a place where a professional could educate others about what they do and how they do it. We, as the audience get an insight into how other industries work. We learn from the professionals, and they get to come another week, and ask as many questions as they want. It’s all about sharing.

Icon Creative / Brand Pioneers

If you were going to start a brand new platform of networking, education, and a safe place to ask questions, where would you start? (pardon the pun)

I started with Gareth Lynas, from Icon Creative/Brand Pioneers. This was witout a doubt, the best decision I have made in a long time. Not that the other participants are not seasoned professionals. I’m personally humbled by the amount of people that have agreed to particiapte in Ghost Stories.

I secretly hoped that Gareth was as nervous as I was. He was, but it really didnt show. The consummate professional from beginning to end.

Gareth is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Brands, Branding, and Web Development. He has been involved in his market for over 20 years, and leads from the front within Icon. I asked Gareth earlier what he thinks makes his business so successful. Gareth told me that he deals with his clients personally at every turn, and this is one of the reasons he is so trusted. A businesses brand is a very personal thing.

The Chat

From the get go Gareth was involved. His knowledge of the branding industry was evident, and I could see a change in his posture, and voice when he started discussing his passion for his work. Gareth brought examples of different brands, and a fantastic method of explaining the difference between advertising, marketing, sales and branding. I was fasinated when Gareth expaning the process of his work, and how long it takes to get the brand right.

There were lots of questions, and one of the participants gave Gareth a glowing testimonial. He explained how he was currently working with Gareth and Icon, and how Gareth forces him to really think about how he wants his company to be percieved.

What we learned

Branding takes time.

If you are not concerned about your business, go to fiverr for your brand/logo.

Your businesses logo says a lot more about your business than you think.

When you want your business to look professional, get a professional to help you.

Icon Creative/Brand Pioneers are professional, and nice people to boot.

Thank you Gareth and Icon Creative

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