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When you plan on hosting an event, it is important that your chosen guest has the following attributes.

  1. They know what they are talking about.
  2. You (as the host) have an affinity with them.

I have had the immense pleasure to know Campbell Haris for nearly 15 years. In this time I have found Campbell honest to a fault, and one of the deepest thinkers I have come across.

It has been said that advice is taking somone else’s mistake, dusting it off, and presenting the solution as your own. With Campbell and Utility Solutions NI this couldn’t be further from the case.

Utility Solutions NI

Cambell has a background steeped in Telecommunications, and solutions sales. It made perfect sense when he was planning his own business that Telco would be part of it. No point in wasting all of that knowledge.

When Campbell described his business as Utility Solutions, thats just what he ment. Utility Solutions will analyze your incoming utility bills, and if he can, he will get you real savings for your business.

Utility Solutions NI can help you with Broadband, Land line, Leased Line, Mobile, VOIP, Electric, Card Payment bills. Campbell will ensure you are on the best deal for your business, and get this, constantly monitors your bills to keep you on the best tarrifs.

The Chat

Campbell was engaged from the start, explaining how he does what he does for his clients. Lifting the veil on the various industries, and how (sometimes) the deck is stacked against, us, the consumer.

An incredibly relaxed conversation, for the seriousness of it. Campell explained VOIP for some of the attendees, and different electric meters. How the use of your new office space, before you, could negatively effect your bills.

We spoke about Berxit (the aftermath), 5G, Huawei, and what to expect. Different mobile devices, and traded war stories on extreme bills we have experienced, or heard about. All really informative for everyone around the table.

What we learned

We need to be aware that after Brexit, could see the return of Roaming Charges.

Some telco companies out there factor in our overspend on data, into our contracts, as profit!!!!!

1GB of data is close to useless for business!!!!

Do not move into a new office, unless you get Campbell and Utility Solutions NI to check it out first.

Last but not least, it does not matter how much money you have, you can still buy a house that cannot get phone or internet capabilities.

Thank you Campbell, and Utility Solutions NI

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