There will always be Big Scary things in your way….

Success is relative.

In order to understand when we have reached success, we must first understand what success look like to us.

It’s a hugely personal matter. What we each determine to be successful may not be seen as successful to others. Nevertheless, it is important that we recognise it and label it.

I should stress at this point that it is important to distinguish ULTIMATE SUCCESS from STEPPING STONES to your Success.

It is really difficult to start your journey to success. Having the courage to initially make a plan, and the tenacity to stick to it is important. It is not as important as examining your progress and possessing the wisdom to be aware that your plan may not be working.

Reverse engineering:

  1. Start with the end in mind. What exactly does it look like?
  2. Ask your goal questions using S.M.A.R.T. analysis.
  3. Quantify what resources you will need to achieve this goal?
  4. Qualify the stages that you will check that the plan is going in the correct direction.
  5. Make sure that the end result for your business matches the needs of your clients.
  6. Begin to execute the plan.
  7. Revise every stage, and ask yourself “How could I make this more effective next time?”

There will always be big scary things that get in your way.

Accept that this is part of success. Gain resilience in overcoming these hurdles. The more you experience them, the less they will mean.

Your statement and your question:

When faced with setbacks, and barriers to your goals, I would ask you to use this statement, and this question?

Statement: I didn’t come this far to just come this far!

Question: What is the cost of not acting?

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